The Team

Generate was born from a rich history in interdisciplinary artistic production at the cutting edge of technology and performance. Our team of developers, curators and event producers understand the mobile platform for artistic production offers creative producers, audiences and inspired individuals a means of integrating and expanding the creative dialog.

Generate was founded by Malcolm Levy and Sarah Cole-Burnett, as an accompanying tool under their production label, Hybridity Media. Both had an extensive history supporting and producing culture internationally before realizing that Generate was the next step towards expanding the audience and innovating the platform for audio-visual performance and digital art. The Generate development team sits in Vancouver, Canada led by creative coders, Jesse Scott, Chris Coldeway, Leo Stefansson, David Schwartz, Zefan Sramek and Martin Schueller. Daily operations with international members include interactive art director, Rafael Puyana in Bogota, Community Manager, Adam Marshall in Berlin and Communications Director, Kristin Trethewey in Toronto.

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Our Projects

Generate has been used to produce a wide range of creative events and productions. Working with creative professionals and agencies informs new feature development and resolves creative solutions for DJs, musicians, artists and producers. You can get a behind-the-scenes view of our work on our blog (link) and contact us (email) about using Generate for creative productions.

Our Community

The Generate community is diverse, open and highly creative. There are a number of ways you can participate. Following our social media channels is a great way to get started. Generate is always involved with our members, supporting their creative productions, relaying feedback to our development team and exploring new, fun ways to use Generate. Our Gallery showcases some of the most exciting work from our community members and through the Generate Arts Fund, we aim to find further resources to support artistic production.


Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us about using Generate and any feedback you have for us.


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