Generate artist, Basile Fournier creates haunting, futuristic beauty

We just love the work of Basile Fournier, a young, French designer who has been using Generate’s Kaleidoscope filter to create hauntingly beautiful, futuristic videos. 

Currently studying at the Decorative Art School of Strasbourg, he works across visual mediums producing drawing, photography, video and graphic design. 

Basile happened upon Generate App while searching for a solution for his video project called Visible Sound and found that the Kaleidoscope filter was the perfect addition. You can watch his completed project here.

Currently Basile is working on an upcoming second video that will also feature Generate. We can’t wait to see how he uses it too manipulates his footage.

Aside from his studies, Basile is also kept busy producing posters, fanzines and adding new projects to his website. You can catch some more of his exceptional and broad talented strokes here: