How to: Layer two filters together in Generate

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in seconds with Generate. Today, we’d like to walk you through one of the easiest ways to create a visually dynamic image, by adding two filters together. 

We’re using two of our favorites, Prism and Kaleidoscope. We encourage you to have fun combining any two Generate filters to find an amazing new perspective! 

Step 1:

Select your first filter from the filter carousel. By pressing on different filters you’ll be able to see and adjust the filter using the slider right above the filters.

Step 2:

Once you have adjusted the filter to your liking using the slider, press the lock button. You will know it’s been locked when it closes and turns red.

Step 3:

Choose another filter. Because you have locked the first one you can press any other filter to layer on top of your first filter. Here you’ll see how kaleidoscope changes your Generate drastically when there are two filters. Again, use the slider to adjust your second filter.

Step 4:

Press the Save button and select Share.

Step 5:

Choose the social channels you want to post to, including Generate. 

After you press Share, you’ll see your image in your profile.

We may even select your artwork to be showcased in our in-app gallery!