Regenerate and spark the evolution of creativity

Today we focus on the Generate artwork of Judith Mont, a New York City artist, who is studying at the School of Visual Art. Moving from Baltimore to Greenwich Village to pursue her creative passion, Mont is exploring mixed media in some interesting ways. We noticed her expressive images that were shared on Generate, and got in touch to find out more about her practice.

Vibrant colours and textures are characteristic of Mont’s style. She says her method of creating is based on an emotional response to the materials which builds a fluid process of exprerimentation and evolution.

She is currently working on two bodies of work. One called “ArtWithinArt” attempts to explore how art can be made from an existing piece. You can see this unfolding in her Generates which capture a physical artwork and manipulate it using various Generate filters.

Mont tells us that a friend introduced her to Generate. She loves regenerating imagery, building off of one set of filters to create the next. She appreciates Generates audio-reactive functionality, picking a song from her library and syncing the effects to the beat. She tells us, “I just discovered the new filters in the store, like Swirl, which is great!” 

Generate adds a totally new way of transforming a body of work that Mont is exploring. Its mobility and accessibility allow her to follow her creative impulses and experiment as quickly and easily as she pleases.