Generate Pro is here!

Capture hi-res media, unlimited recording and project live from your phone!

Download the latest version of Generate and purchase Generate Pro in our in-app store. Generate Pro is a new way to customize Generate for your creative practice and is available for purchase on iOS today!

It’s easy to upgrade

You can add Generate Pro in-app, by clicking on the  shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner and purchasing Generate Pro. After upgrading to Pro you will have access to these amazing features.

Generate Pro features

Hi-Res Images and Video

Shoot images and video at higher resolutions, creating content that is crisp and beautiful.

Unlimited Video Record Length

With Generate Pro you are not limited to a recording time, making this an incredible feature for shooting music videos or any other creative content that requires a longer take.

Full-Screen Projection

Generate Pro will display full-screen when projected, without showing any of the apps navigation controls. You can either plug your device in directly, or you can project over wifi to an AirPlay-enabled screen.

Free filters

Aside from purchasing Pro, you’ll find three free filters within the in-app store. Download Swirl, Dilation and Contrast and you’ll find them added to your filter carousel. 

Thank you!

We’ve worked with an amazing group of artists to test Pro and received invaluable feedback in the making from our beta testing group. We want to say thank you for creating artwork with Generate and hope you love Generate Pro!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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