How to make audio-reactive music videos with Generate

Today we’d like to explain how you can make videos with Generate where the filters react to music from your phone.

Here we go:



Click on the audio icon in the bottom right hand corner to open up the audio tray.

Click on the music icon at the bottom left of the tray.

Choose the song you want to use from your music library.

Cue up the part of the song you want.

You’ll see a waveform of the song at the bottom of the screen, with a play button and an audio scrubber. The scrubber allows you to scroll through the track to find any section to play from.

Turn on audio-reactivity by selecting the toggle just above the song on the right hand side. This will make the Generate filters react to the music. Now press play to see it in action.

Switch the capture mode toggle to video, press record, and watch the Generate filters jump to the beat of your music.

You have now created your very own unique music video using Generate.

Here’s one we made, featuring Project Pablo’s ‘Holdin On’.

Share your creations online with #generateapp and stay tuned for more Generate tips!