Artist profile, Michael Brock: Capturing creativity with Generate

Michael Brock is an emerging powerhouse of talent. Having a long history  in the arts, working as a child actor in film and TV, he recently made a shift to music with his self-titled EP, released on Hybridity Music. He tells us “I started writing songs by making these minimal hack job beats in garageband and layering some guitar and vocals.” Since then, he’s done much growing, and with a year long stint in Berlin, dancing and developing his artistic practice, he returned with enough material to record and release his first album.

At CMJ’s Generate showcase on October 25, Michael will take his music to the stage and the screen. For his first show outside of Vancouver he’s looking forward to sharing a unique performance and the premier of his music video, Denim Jacket, shot entirely using Generate. During the performance, visual artists will accompany the set, manipulating Generate to compliment the atmosphere. Brock states, “I’ve seen some of their work from Decibel festival and it made me really excited.“ He tells us audiences can expect a stripped down version of his music that may also feel a bit spooky, October being the right season for that.

For his music video, Denim Jacket, Brock explains, that from start to finish, it was a very organic process. This included the choice to use Generate in an on-the-fly production that was shot in just a day. It goes to show the power of the creative mobile, tool. Artists can capture and apply filters that are unique and production ready instantly. This opens the floodgates for potential creations that can happen as rapidly as they are inspired. “I think the video came out to be so unique, in a way we never could have dreamt up concept-wise,” Brock says.  “I will of course continue to use it. Generate will be great for upcoming promo material and live performances.”

Don’t miss the free Generate showcase on October 25 at Immersive Gallery at 132 Bedford Ave. The show starts at 7, with music videos screening at 8:30 and performances at 9.