Generate Artist Profile: Adam Stenhouse

Adam Stenhouse explores the relationship to landscape through his photographic practice. Generate becomes an entry point for further exploration and manipulation, creating surreal interpretations of the spaces he captures.

Originally from North East England, Stenhouse is a freelance photographer and artist working within the arts in Vancouver, Canada. After learning about Generate early on, he quickly adopted it for his Android device once it became available.

“I think the places we grow up cast a long shadow over who we become as people, and I think the landscape has a definite psychological impact on us.” Using this as a jumping point for his practice, Stenhouse explores new places with his camera, allowing his emotional reaction to the environment influence the images he takes.

In his ongoing project, The Sea Collector, Stenhouse attempts to photograph every sea described on contemporary maps. The project aims to better understand how we relate to the sea by applying an anthropomorphic identity to them. Through a methodic and slow approach, he understands the project’s completion may be unattainable but he states, “I like the idea of a project failing.” So far he has captured the Pacific North West, the seas around the UK and Japan and even around New Zealand. He is also using the act of walking, on nature trails or in derelict parts of the city as a means of engaging with these surroundings in a dynamic way.

Using Generate he layers filters over and over again to draw out the potential of the space. He is a big fan of Generate’s audio-reactive functionality, adding dynamic visuals that correspond to sound. He is interested in using mobile technologies for creative practice which adds another dimension of possibility to capturing and producing artwork.