Perspectives on “Light”: Generate at Science World

The exhibition, Light: Illuminating Science and Art at Science World, showcases a group of 10 installations and technologies that deal with the subject of light and luminescence. Generate will be on display amongst artists, Karen Garrett De Luna and Cadin Batrack, Alex Beim,Mark Soo, Max Zorn, Dril Collective, Sharhzad ASh, Brady Marks, Gary Greenspoon andSymmetry Group on October 11.

Come see and explore the exhibition at Science World in Vancouver. Science World is a unique venue, housed inside a geodesic dome that was initially constructed for EXPO 86.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the artwork being installed, including Generate’s interactive console. 

Create and share your Generate’s at Science World during the exhibition “Light”

Focusing on the manipulation of imagery, Generate is a perfect vehicle for imagining how we see the world today. Using digital filters and the lens within our smartphones, light is an ever present contributor to image making. Within the context of the theme, Light, Generate asks participants to consider the relationship of light to recording and projecting visual imagery. How do we capture our lives and the events we attend using our smartphones? How can filters mimic our perception of a situation? And how does light and image projection contribute to our environments today?

Check out more details about the exhibition here. You can contribute your Generates to the conversation by hashtagging them #swlight.