Filtered: DJs & Ghosts

Getting a good DJ photo isn’t easy - it’s dark, loud, and you don’t want to be that basic dude on the floor who can’t stop messing with his phone. Even if you do get some snaps or videos - what do you have, vague darkness? Generate is perfect for capturing not only the action but also the feeling of these venues. And we’ve used it at more than a few festivals, clubs and live performances.

In this post, the first of a series on filter layering tips called Filtered (it works for me, it works for you), I’ll explain how I made a colorful, ghost-like image of a recent Jamaica Suk DJ set at F8 in San Francisco.


To start with, we’ll want to select the Trails filter. If you haven’t added it yet, it’s an incredible filter available in our in-app Store. Then move the adjustment slider towards the right, to a point where you can see a distinct “ghosting” effect. Next, lock that layer and select your second filter, Slow, to heighten the effect. Adjust the slider fairly far to the right, to really capture some activity blur. Then snap away until you get that perfect ghostly DJ shot.

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