Discover your inner artist with Generate app

Generate is a great way for creatively curious individuals to unleash their artistic talent using audio and visuals. It's not just a tool for "serious" artists and musicians. Its accessibility encourages everyone to try something new. 

We were reminded of that in our discussions with Generate artist, Anneliese Herbosa. Herbosa is a thought leader on tech and digital media and a community manager at Quietly. Much of her creativity is spent curating online content these days, yet she has a background in classical ballet and was a drummer throughout high school. Like many of us, Herbosa found her skills moving towards the digital realm and speaks passionately about creating mixes using Youtube, Grooveshark, Soundcloud and 8tracks to create musical masterpieces for herself and other like-minded audiophiles.

In her move towards visual creativity, Herbosa told us"I’ve been a keen observer and avid fan of other people's photography, so I would passively experience visual art vicariously through the camera lens of others, still do." But it wasn't until the advent of creative photo apps, like Instagram or VSCO came on the market that she recognized their powerful storytelling capabilities and "decided to immerse myself in the artistry behind mobile photography." Generate has allowed her to expand these horizons manipulating imagery she shoots and applying filters and audio-reactive music to short AV clips. She tells us, "Generate's audio-reactivity feature makes me feel like somewhat of a pseudo-music engineer. It’s pretty neat."

With this new creative outlet, Herbosa is discovering how Generate comes in handy in day-to-day moments of inspiration. "I’ll continue to treat it as my 'in-between' experimental space which I like to consider as my personal creative outlet when I’m in a mood or when I'm feeling inspired." The accessible nature and plethora of creative possibilities in Generate lets her discover her artistic voice and allows it to grow organically whenever she picks up the app. "Since experimenting with Generate, I’ve challenged myself to create things that are the furthest from my traditional aesthetic; to flip it on its head, almost. It’s become somewhat of a private rebellion against my own creative flow. I sometimes surprise myself with what I create on Generate, and I see that as a good thing."

Generate straddles both professional and emerging creative talents. While Herbosa initially assumed Generate was was geared to more seasoned, digital artists she quickly realized that was far from the case. "I've come to learn that the nature of the app promotes and invites creativity on any and every level. It makes it accessible to anyone and invites everyone to channel their inner artist."

Check out more of Anneliese's favourite Generate creations below.

My Favourite Creations On Generate App

By Anneliese Herbosa.

Generate is a mobile app for audio-visual media creation. Here are my favourite creations. #generateapp

  • Umbrella-ella-ella

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    A good representation of my hometown of Vancouver when it's raining (aka 'Raincouver'). Captures the vibe and pace while commuting in the heart of the city. Classic use of the Prism filter.

  • #strideby

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    I'm proud of this one. I wanted to make it lyrical by coupling a line from the song with a corresponding action that I recorded. Song used: One Track Mind - Classified. (video not included here)

  • T.Dot(s)

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    I visited Toronto last Fall. Took a photo of the street view while exploring downtown. I love the subtleties and colours that are accentuated so vividly (especially the single dots) using Dot filter.

  • Birds Flying High

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    Played with the Dissolve filter to highlight the movement of the bird by layering two photos. I wanted to give off a shadow-y facade.

  • Danger, man.

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    Accentuated the lightning bolt penetrating the man through the song's aggressiveness. First time experimenting with the audio-reactivity feature. Song used: Volcano - U2. (video not included here)

  • Dr. Seuss

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, my local retail store was selling his books. Took a pic. Combined swirl + kaleidoscope filters. Encapsulates the spirit of his whimsical, out of this world stories.

  • Generate on Product Hunt on Generate

    By Anneliese Herbosa.

    I wanted to celebrate the time when Generate was featured on Product Hunt - in true Generate fashion. Had some fun with the Prism filter and layering the two logos.