Documentary photography gets abstract with Generate App artist Anna Kasko

The artwork of Anna Kasko is predominantly documentary based, yet she uses Generate to expand into more experimental terrains of her subjects. By revisiting photography she shot using Generate, a new way of seeing and even understanding her subjects emerges within her artistic practice.

The recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design's Photography program is currently tackling issues of artist's and artwork's relationship to the internet in her recent documentary #Artoffline. She tells us "We have been working with many artists, curators and professionals within art and theory to discuss and create conversation around this topic." You can watch a snippet of the documentary here:

In relation to her inquisition into mobile and digital creative technologies she tells us "I am interested in working with Generate expanding the notion of what Generate can do artistically." She enjoys using it to change the way in which one would see documentation. She says her Generate artworks "are photographs I would normally take within my practice but I get to see them differently through Generate. It allows me to have a break, and refresh the way in which I view and perceive images."

In the course of this exploration she has been using Generate's ability to regenerate images that were taken at an earlier time and revisit them through a different lens. She tells us she often "mixes a photograph up a few times, go back and create something different. Sometimes I post the first one, sometimes I will forget about it and find it in a few days and play with it again. It's interesting."