Miami heat: DJs Kito&Takshak Generate a warm, party vibe

After discovering some incredible Generate images and music videos by Jovann Lopez, we felt compelled to share how he is using Generate alongside his DJ practice to promote and share his love of music and Miami.

As one part of the electronic duo, Kito&Takshak, we were blown away by his fun style and how easily he translates musical to visual creativity. "I like to edit my photos until you cannot really recognize the original and usually the flow just comes naturally. Musically it's almost the same as my workflow when I edit photos or videos, I like to go with my mood when it comes to the creation process. I am easily inspired by my surroundings in this culturally diverse city we call Miami. You can say Miami has a big influence on me."

With a music video using Generate on the way, we were eager to hear more about his main project, Kito&Takshak. "Kito&Takshak is basically my best friend Marcos and I creating party vibes. We like to play really high energy music mixed in with our original productions and remixes.  Now with our underground Alias, SOCRAM&NNAVOJ we are playing some deep laid-back tunes with a groove. We just started to release some content so we hope you can check that out as well."

On the visual side, Jovann is using a combination of mobile apps including Generate to get the results he's looking for. He also processes his work through Fragment, Decim8 , Kaleido lens, Glitch lab, Lory stripes, Matter app, Union app, GameUrvideo and Studio. He tells us, "I am always looking for ways to create. And all these apps give me unlimited freedom."

Prism, Dot and Mosaic are his favourite, go-to filters in Generate. He tells us "I especially like recording some of our songs while in video mode to put up previews on our Instagram and I always have people asking how I did that. I tell them go download GENERATE APP."

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As a recent, Generate Pro user, Jovann is excited to get started using the AirPlay video projection functionality. I really would love to see what cool ideas we can come up with in the studio while producing music and even while we DJ." We can't wait to see what his music video looks like using Generate's audio-reactive filters and how he takes his creativity to the next level in a live performance setting.