Create bricolage digital artworks using Generate App

Erik Zambrano is a New York City based artist who operates under his own artistic company, Bricolage Concepts. Drawn to the concept of bricolage, which uses an assortment of accessible materials to create an artwork he uses a combination of mixed media and Generate to elevate his creative process. In the past bricolage methods may have incorporated physical materials, such as discarded boxes or packaging, however the internet and accessible digital tools, such as Generate, allow artists like Zambrano to produce incredibly eclectic artworks at a rapid pace with a similar methodology.

He tells us about his process, "it's a lot of my own artwork that I've instagrammed over the years and then I pop it into Generate to really remix it." He sent us a number of artworks he's created recently which are also available on his artist website.

His latest series of work remixes famous artworks using Generate to reinterpret them. By combining his playful aesthetic with that of the greats including Salvador Dali, Man Ray and Damien Hirst above, he finds new ways of connecting to art and expressing his own voice through the bricolage process. As of late he has also been inspired by the darkness of Francis Bacon and Kris Knight. By submitting to this process Zambrano says "you engage in a recombination until you strip the original meaning of an item away. "

Aside from his playful homage of artistic remixes, Zambrano uses many of his own drawings and photographs in an iterative process through Generate.

He tells us that "in general I like to start with an artwork, either a drawing or a high res photo I took, then I remix it until I get it to the point where the new version is really funky and weird." We love seeing how artists are exploring Generate's potential to expand their creative practice and find incredible ways to embed it within their process.