Create an indie, silk-screen look with Generate app

Tetsu Mukojima is a Tel-Aviv based, Japanese art director. A graduate of the Nihon University College of Art in 1992 he has worked in art direction for some of the biggest Japanese post-production companies over his career. In 2010 he relocated to Israel to work as the Creative Director for FashionTV.

We recently came across his Generate artwork and were struck by their vibrant color and animated texture. He tells us he discovered a unique process using the filters that allow him to create a silk screen type effect. He says he originally discovered Generate after searching for VJ apps on the app store in order to make short graphical videos to share on social media. After using Generate he became drawn to its image output functionalities and developed his signature aesthetic.

In order to achieve this he always starts with the Pulp filter. Similarly to silk screening, Pulp separates the contrasted areas of the image into light or dark areas, making the content even more dramatic. Tetsu uses this for his base to apply further Generate effects to compliment the imagery and bring out the colours. In the beginning his favorite compliment was Prism, but after spending more time with other filter combos Tetsu was drawn to Hue and Tint. He tells us “when you play with Tint, the color starts to look more organic,and more a like hand made print.”

We love how vibrant his work is, it feels very modern, yet retro with a film grain texture. He’s enjoyed using Generate as something like a personal silk-screen studio, with everything he needs situated on his iPhone. Back in 1998 Tetsu used to produce real silk screen t-shirts. At that time he tells us he used a PC at an internet café to output his files which were then brought to a factory to get printed. The simplicity of being able to produce similar works so quickly with Generate is an incredible step forward, while still producing a very rich and organic look.

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