Remixing beauty, Generate straddles Product Hunt app collections

We’ve recently been included in two really amazing collections on Product Hunt, and if you haven't already up vote us today

Product Hunt is an amazing resource and community that surfaces the best new products out there. We were thrilled when Generate artist, Anneliese Herbosa suggested Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, add the app to his collection of Mash Up Products. Mash Up Products is a collection of the best apps that allow you to synergize and remix content. And more recently we were added to Product Hunt's featured collection Gorgeous Photo Apps a set of incredible apps that make your images look pro. 
It’s amazing that Generate was included in both collections as it straddles many functionalities. Generate is unique in that it produces both beautiful and remixed imagery, however it can also be used for a number of other uses. Artists are discovering that Generate is a quick way to produce professional content for music videos, installations, visual performances and even stills for digital or printed materials. By emulating sophisticated software processes that used to take days, Generate can be used to produce so many types of content. As the community continues to discover new ways of using Generate we hope to see many more Product Hunt collections that include Generate as their go-to app for creative production.