Announcing full screen mode with Generate!

We’ve just released a new version of Generate app, and wanted to tell you about all the exciting new features. 

In this brand new version, we've introduced a full screen capture mode, for both still and video - which allows you to record with a rectangular visual frame, as well as the normal square format.  This allows for professional-level image creation, and easy sharing on all social and video networks.

These are key new features for all creators - but, for musicians specifically, it allows them to  create very compelling self-produced ‘music videos’, in addition to creating ‘live-synced’ visuals to accompany their concerts or performances (using Generate's audio-reactivity feature). With access to full screen mode media you'll get the option to shoot content that is not just great for sharing online, but full sized and professional looking. In conjunction with the use of Generate Pro, that allows you to record longer and shoot at higher resolutions and project out with AirPlay the Generate toolkit has become a truly competitive mobile application for artistic production.

Stay tuned as we’re currently working with many artists and musicians on partnerships and co-productions - including a music video’s for Thiftworks and Hieroglyphic Being and artist-residencies with Deadbeat and Humans, among many others.