How to capture full screen media with Generate

With the latest addition of full screen capturing in Generate we wanted to let you know how to use the new functionality as you switch back and forth between square or full screen mode.

You'll notice in the latest version of Generate in the top right corner of the camera tool there is a little number that says 1:1. This means that you are shooting images or video in a square format.

 Now if you click on that button a drop down list appears that allows you to switch to full screen mode and shoot in either 16:9 or 3:2 ratio depending on your device camera specifications.

By selecting the full screen option you'll notice you can see the image fill the entire area of your phone underneath the semi-translucent camera tools. 

Capturing your media in either format is exactly the same as it was before, but now you'll notice when you save or share your images you'll be exporting a wider frame in full screen mode.


This is incredibly important for creating professional looking artworks, music videos and other AV projects with Generate. 

We hope you enjoy getting even more out of Generate with full screen capture. If you want to upgrade your toolkit even more, find Generate Pro and free filters in our in-app store!