Video art parties are easy with Generate and BYOB MK

BYOB, Bring Your Own Beamer, is a one-night series of creative exhibitions dedicated to artists and their beamers(video projectors).

BYOB MK in Milton Keynes, England

BYOB MK in Milton Keynes, England

What started in 2010 by media artist Rafaël Rozendaal has become a worldwide phenomenon. Anyone can make a BYOB exhibition and that is what has happened by inspired individuals and communities all over the world. 

This Saturday, event organizer, Gareth Horner welcomes artists to BYOB MK III at the MK Gallery  in Milton Keynes, England. Horner tells us that the BYOB format is a great addition to the artistic scene in the city located 50 miles outside of London. He started BYOB here because "most young artists and graduates soon make the move to the big city - leaving any remaining without the support or community they deserve." 

After discovering Generate through the New Inc at New Museum blogpost, Horner approached Generate about using the app for audio-visuals at the event. He was drawn to it for both its creative functionality but also its ability to open up the format to new individuals who might feel intimidated to participate. Through this Horner hopes, "new technologies like Generate will open the door to almost anyone -regardless of education or creative background. And offers existing artists new opportunities to create audio reactive works from the live music curated for each BYOB MK."

You can participate in the event both locally and remotely by sharing your images through Generate with #byobmk between 8-9PM GMT Saturday April 25. 

Check out their website here and stay tuned for review images from the party.