Futurelegend resurrects analog AV with apps

Designer Flavio Bagioli, and musician Andres Bucci - both based in Berlin - have joined forces to develop a new audio/visual project called Futurelegend.   While using a wide-array of technologies to create their work, Generate sits at the heart of their process - allowing them fast and immediate iterations of abstract ideas, and a degree of interaction not usually possible with desktop applications.

Check out this new music video they produced almost entirely in Generate app:

(Music and video by Futurelegend)

Here’s a short Q+A we did with Flavio and Andres about the new project, their workflow and the power of mobile creativity.

What’s the idea behind your project?

Futurelegend began as an idea to explore new genres and discover music that’s totally unknown to us.  Most of this music was created in different moments and locations of music history - so we sometimes act like archeologists trying to time travel using old recordings as a source of inspiration.

So our idea was to reprocess all of these different influences - using the available tools and technology from today, like apps, smartphones, iPads and laptops. You can do a lot with these tools nowadays, if not everything. Another of our ideas was to see how far we could go using just apps and an iPhone to produce music and video - and we were quite surprised with  the results. Specifically, that’s when Generate came in.

It was amazing being able to produce video and effects, with a mobile device - when just 10 years ago you needed heavy hardware and complex post-production processes. The same thing goes for music apps - you can achieve a lot. There’s really no excuse now not to use them, because the tools are there, and most of them are “free” - or come at a very low cost, compared to expensive synthesizers or fancy techno toys.

What is the workflow between you two when you’re working on ideas?

The workflow changes from track to track.  But we have a tendency to record lots of video material while creating a music track - and use it in the final video. We’re constantly giving feedback to each other on the music and on the video. So it’s not like the typical way of making music videos where you are confronted with a finished audio track and you need to match visuals to it. For us, there’s already a whole bunch of video material that was produced while the audio track was being created - so it’s really more of a curatorial process, rather than a pairing of music and image.  

How did you create the music video? 

Normally we capture audio-reactive sound while we’re making music live, then we reprocess it using some parts of the song, like the Bass kick or any rhythmical pattern.  

After that, when we have a rough tempo and idea - we stream the output to our projector, and we use Generate to re-record and re-process the video again and again, recording the real-time results.

Do you plan to perform live?

Yes we are planning to do something which is not a typical electronic music laptop based act. We believe that format is outdated so we are exploring the use of analog media.

And how would you use analog media in your performance?

We would use analog media in the same way that we use old video footage that was produced by technology which is now obsolete. For example, we’d be very interested in seeing how it would look to transfer 4K HD digital video into an old VHS tape - and then back to digital. So it’s like a back and forth between analog and digital media. We would experiment with that in sound and visual media using Generate as an input processing source.

For image content in your videos, do you use the camera feed to record live video, or do you use more library sources?

We use mostly library sources but we’re not limited to that.  If we see something visually interesting while performing, we would put that in the mix. We try to use video footage that has some sort of narrative that adds a new dimension to the visuals when it gets too abstract.

Are there certain filters in Generate you use more than others?

Yes, of course, its Filter Management is such a great feature, so I keep my favorite filters arranged to have them more handy. I use Prism and Contrast quite a bit. Also Pulp in combination with Tint works nicely.

I’m still exploring the amazing possibilities of Vid Mix and Pop. I really enjoy exploring the different combinations of filters. It adds a whole new dimension to using Generate. Lastly, the audio-reactivity is really an essential part for the video we are currently developing for our project.

You can catch Andres and Flavio performing live at Klimatik Soundscapes 02 in Berlin this Saturday. And check out their Soundcloud page here