Summit 2016 | Generating in the Mountains

This post comes from Generate Founder & CEO Malcolm Levy, following his time as an artist-in-residence at Summit - read on and check out some Generate videos from snowboarding down Summit's mountain.

I spent the past two weeks as an artist in residence at Summit, as part of the SummitAIR program. From the overall vision that governs Summit, to the people that make up the team and the larger community, Summit is at the forefront of where cultural, social, economic and political concepts are moving today.

The residency and corresponding weekend of conversations take place on Powder Mountain, one of the most beautiful ski mountains I’ve ever seen. Powder Mountain features the charm and tranquility of a backcountry lodge, within the context of access to wifi at the peak (separated when you want, connected when you want).


For my Artist Residency I wanted to create work that was site specific in response to the geographical proximity of the Summit community and Powder Mountain, and in conversation with my current creative focus. It seemed only right, within the framework of the residency and the overall ethos of Summit, to really engage Generate within the space.

The work created during my residency comes from this intersection, where I filmed videos using Generate in real time while snowboarding on the mountain. Elements such as filter blending, audio reactivity and slider control on the fly allow for a mix of abstract and psychedelic renderings of Powder Mountain. From there I created a number of images extracting stills from the recordings, as well as a 4-minute video.

Generate Installation at Summit

Over conversations and creative interactions with the forward-thinking mix of people and speakers at Summit, the idea arose to create a platform with which the Summit Community can continually create imagery in Generate, to be featured on an ongoing basis.  will be displayed both as a grid and as individual images and video, developing an ongoing visual conversation around the stunning beauty of Powder Mountain and the surrounding areas of Eden (Summit’s property).

We will also be working with George Evan, the resident photographer for Summit, on a series of ongoing Generates to capture and further amplify the speakers and creative passion that Powder Mountain brings forward.