Beyond Prism - Generate App's colorful filter lineup + giveaway


Here at the Generate App filter factory (imagine those elves that make cookies, except with WAY more screaming, dancing, and shadowboxing), it's not hard to know when we've got a hit. Prism is, by now, not just a filter, but a rite of passage for new Generaters - get your mind blown by Prism, then get addicted. 

We love Prism, and Prism loves all of us - but Generate App does even more with color (just check out the futuristic action up top from triangle0, using the Pink filter). We want to showcase some of that - and challenge all you Generaters to show us what you got. Let's check out some Generates with different/stacked color filters - and learn how to get free filters at the end!

First up, on the more subtle side, Sea Panther runs a stylish photo of Hov through the Tint filter, with audio-reactivity enabled.

Next, get lost in a psychedelic eyeball from dan-yul - crazy colors courtesy of the Silo filter:



Here's a short music video from uncle monkey, using the rainbow-esque Color filter, layered with Swirl:

Scaling things back a bit, check out how a city vista turns cyberpunk with a little bit of the Trails filter:


We started this post with the Pink filter - and here's another example of how beautiful it gets, in this nature photo from imLuiza:


Lastly, check out our take on the now-legendary photo of Young Thug & Elton John, made with the Lightleak Filter:

A number of these filters are premium - and we want you to have them! So, here's the deal-

We're giving away premium filters

All you need to do is get at us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and include your Generate user name. Use the hashtag #BeyondPrism, and we'll give you the Trails, Color, Lightleak, Pink, or RGB filters - or maybe all of them if we're feeling extra dope!