RIP Five-Foot Assassin - Generates on iconic Phife Dawg moments

"By the way my name's Malik / the Five-Foot Freak"

A number of us at Generate are serious hip-hop heads - and the Native Tongues posse, with classic artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Queen Latifah, are pretty much untouchable.

Like many other ATCQ fans, we were bummed hear that Malik Taylor, aka Phife Dawg, one of Tribe's two iconic MCs (for newcomers/trainspotters - if there was a clever rhyme that made you laugh, it was probably Phife). died yesterday. We've taken some classic Phife and ATCQ moments and made a few Generates to share here - we've also already seen some great tributes coming in from the community in Generate and on Instagram (shout out to sea panther and onigskram for some choice ones).

Phife is gone, but his art leaves a legacy - one that we can enjoy and use for inspiration. Plus, the Native Tongues in Heaven crew now has Phife and J Dilla, which has gotta be dope.

Put on "Electric Relaxation" - one of our favorite ATCQ tracks

Check out some classic Phife lyrics over at Genius.

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